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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 13, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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for those people who want to see the type of energy reform and productivity we've offeed over the past four years, tel all your friends to come out and vote. >> reporter: a cheering crowd of democrats erupt nearby when grey joined the rally. >> the mayor of the district of columbia. >> porter: he is the front-runner of the poll but is guarding against overconfidence. >> we're working very hard. we've been worki for week. with robocal knocks on the door, with fans, whatever it takes to make sure our voters get to the poll. >> reporter: he said his campaign has struck a chord with vote here's don't like fenty's aloof style. >> i think i bring an inclusive stylef leadership. i involve people. i have a track record for being an inclusive person. >> four more years! >> no more years!
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>> reporter: the poll is open tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. election official hope to start announcing results as earl as 8:30 or 9:00 tomorrow night. >> thank you. in springfield, virginia, a couple neighbors had a disagreement over a speed bump and now one has ended up dead and the other may have been the murderer. pat collins has our rort. >> reporter: this is a story about a man who lives in this house. and another man who lives down the street in that house. and a new speed bump on field master drive. and how an argument over this hump could have led to a case of murder. >> he kept an eye on all of us hear. on all of us.
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he watched our house if we would go away. he would know to check the papers and stuff like that. just a great guy. >> reporter: neighbors say a short time ago the victim lobbied the state government put the speed bump on the road in front of his house. they say some people didn't like the bump. they say david patton who lived up the street really didn't like it. that he would drive past carr's house and honk his horn in protest. june 11th, it escalated. there was an altercation, police say, between car and patton here in an argument. carr charged patton with assault. that was june 11th. july 11th, august 11th, september 11th, the two wre supposed to go to court this thursday. but police say last night patton came to carr's house, wnt inside and shot and kill his
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accuser. >> neighbors can't get along sometimes. and a silly thing like a speed bump can cause a tragedy like this. it doesn't make any sense, does it? >> reporter: not at all. >> a real sad day for te community. >> reporter: the suspect david patton. 44 years old. charged tonight with murder. held without bond pending further court acin the case. i'm pat collin, news4, fairfax county somebody sho an armored truck car in southeast d.c. today and then got away. it happened shortly before 2:30 this afternoon at a popeye's restaurant a malcolm x boulevard. the armored truck driver drove the car to a local hospital before police arrived at the crime scene. no word on that car's condition. coming is expected to hold hearings on the deadly gas pipeline explosion that destroy a california neighborhood last week.
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it happened last thursday. today there are still a lot of unanswered questions. >> reporter: caught on a service station surveillance tape thursday night, video of the gas line rupture that set off an explosion and fire, sending flame hundreds of feet into the air. >> i want my kids to go out of the house. that's all. i didn't think about anything he will. so scary. >> reporter: the inferno destroyed close to 50 home and killed at least four people. now four days later, investigators are still looking for clues as to what caused the rupture that led to the disaster. >> our first goal is to improve safety. if we see ways in which safety needs to be improved andeeds to be addressed quickly, we will put o recommendations quickly. >> reporter: the pipe, ground zero for the explosion was more than 50 years old. the california public utilities commission has ordered pacific gasnd electric to inspect all its natural gas lines statewide. >> good afternoon, folks. >> rerter: most of the residents are now back in their home after being allowed to
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return sunday. >> i'm anxious. when we left, i thought, i'm leaving all. 36 years of memories in a house and i may never see them again. >> reporter: for some of their neighbors, a fear that became reality. >> i have nothing. >> reporter: a community stunned by destruction waits for answers. nbc news. >>nd the company that owns that pipe said it will create a $100 million fund for victims of the explosion. residents who lost their home should be receiving compensation as early as this week. the governor of colorado is declaring state of emergency as firefighters try to contain a new wildfire there. this one furer north than the earlier one. by the afternoon it had almost doubled in size. at least two houses and several vehicles have alrdy been destroyed. huneds of people forced to evacuate. that fire is about 35 miles away
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from a fire near boulder, colorado. it destroyed nearly 170 homes. well, it wasn't pretty the whole time. the washington redskinsefeated the dallas cowboys in last night's seaso opener. and a win is a win. >> a win is a win. the cowboys beat their own. lindsay, why did that boy take a knee? what's wrong with him? >> reporr: i don't know. i guarantee you he is answering that question many,le time. you said it. a win is a win. what they did against the dallas cowboys was big on many levels but ihink the biggest more important thingas that this team has boht into this new system from the very beginning. yesterday by getting that win at home er dallas, it really validated everhing they've been working on. it was in fact mike shanahan's first real taste of that cowboys/redsns rivalry he had known of. four seconds to go in the first
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half. the skins up three. tony romo could have but he throws it. deangelo hall withhe heads-up play. he returnst 32 yards for the touchdown. the redskins take a 10-0 lead and lot of nfidence in the halftime. but here we are at the end of the game. three seconds to go. third and ten. the cowboys have a chance to win with a uchdown. romo connects with roy williams. dallas thinks they've won the game but there is a flag on the pla mcnabb and other redskins see it. the touchdown does not count. the redskins beat the cowboy 13-7. coach mike shanahan said today, you know what? easy. this is just the beginning. >> a 16-round flight as we talk about in the nfl. one round is over doesn't mean anything and there is no knockout punches. so this takes a while. and some teams that are ready are the champions thteams that
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successful. >> reporter: they ow they're -- they're not happy they could not score a touchdown but that defense looked very, very good. they had said they were being very valla in the preseason. some of them, some of the thing they had going on with that game, it was right on with the big talk they've been having. they execed very, very well. deangelo hall served it. he went to virginia tech. his team has been beaten 12 in a row. >> he needed t boost. >> he was duped. and thedefense did play very well. coming up tonight, a road crumbled to pieces a few steps from bystanders. the imam behind the controversy with the ground zero mosque said he is exploring all of the options. police shot and killed a dog during the adams morgan festival. how would you like to eat a pear that tastes like a mango. how about the weather? >> a pear that tastes like a
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mango? i'll show you what's going on ♪
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my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the pele and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. 33 people survived a deadly plane crash in eastern venezuela. the twin engine crash when it crashed. at least 14 people were kill and four others are missing. the flight originated on the caribbean isle of margarita. it was headed for the city. the plane smashed into a lot used by a state-run steel foundry themselves don't know yet what caused this crash. today there is a new sign of a possible compromise over that highly debated plan to build a mosque near ground zero in lower manhattan. this morning, the imam behind the project set all options are
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still on the table. n more on whether that could mean relocating the mosque. just days after the emotional anniversary of 9/11, an outraged protest at the site of the proposed mosque and community center. the imam in charge of the project semed to leave all doors open. >> we are looking through what will be a solution, god willing, that will resolve thiscrisis. >> reporter: the imam wouldn't say whether that would include moving the center but this weekend said changing the project could help extremists recruit terrorists and put americans at risk. the statements come as a new poll shows 70% of american vots think muslims have a right to build near ground zero burk 63% think it is inappropriate. the controversy highlighting what seem to be a growing dide over religion in america. >> it is really tied. 40-38 is a statistical high.
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about whether or not they will have a 5ableiew of islam. >> reporter even as the imam tried to find a sloork he called it a misperception that the blocks near ground zero were a sacred site. >> it is disingenuous to say that block hal overowed ground with the strip joints around the corner. >> reporter: many disagree with that. as it rages on. and fallout over the ctroversy continues to reach washington. 44% of respondents disapproved of how president obama is handling the situation. only 31% approved. nbc news, washington. >> this morning t imam said if they could have anticipated the uproar over the mosque project, they might not have pursued it. officials from u.s. and iran are haggling over whether to release one of the american hikers that have been long up in
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jail in that cotry. sarah shourd was to have been released for health reasons. it was supposed to have happened over the weekend. but the power struggle inside iran has complicate the deal. despite the involvement of the president of that country, the judiciary theredded a $500,000 bond requirement before shourd is released. shourd's famly said it can't afford that kind of money itis time to have it lowered or dropped. if released from jail, shourd would be allowed to leave iran even though the trial against her and two other hikers would proceed. the three were arrested back in july of 2009 while they were hiking along the border between iraq and iran. they were charged by the iranians with spying. the oldest african-american art fact in exience is now on dilay at the british museum in
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london. a an ethnic and linguistic group from west africa. it still exists today in the nation of ghana. the drum was brought on a slave ship. the curator of th exhibit said the drum would be considered an ancestor, according to a tradition, because it made the crossing with the slaves. coming , sparks fly when a driver runs into a utility pole. hurricane igor picng up trend is in the atlantic. and doug returns with a look at our full weather forecast. good evening. traveling around the region, it is a bit of a headache to say the very least. capital belt way, big delays. as we travel on both the inr and outer roop, we have delays. the outer loop is jammed coming off 270. the inner loop mirroring those deays because we had earlier know activitycross the american region. that has been cleared for some time but unfortunately, it
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didn't improve. you can see the inner loop drivers past that area are doing a posted speed limit. the h.o.v. is jammed up. quiet through woodbridge into quantico. ♪
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hoffpauir. a dramatic sce in taiwan where heavy rains are causing mud slides. a mountain road just started to collapse. nobody was injured but this road connects several areas of the region. at least six areas dealing with flash floods are now cut off. >> did you see them overthere? not exactly backing away very quickly. it would seem maybe they should leave there
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>> is there more of it? it is just tat we're there with the cameras. that's what we're looking at across the world. for our region, how about this? a beautiful day out there today. this is what our cameras are catching. plenty of blue skies, a few clouds. it is a gorgeous, gorgeous monday afternoon. we did see some much needed rain yesterday. ut that is long gone. and in behind it, awe seeing nothing but sunshine. the high temperature today reach 85 degrees. a low this morning of 63. the average high around 81. we were a little above avere. another great day. i think we'll see a few more great days. current temperature outside, 83 degrees with that abundant sunshine. a fantastic evening shaping up. a nice night to get out and about. maybe go out for a run. a little bike de as well. 83 in the district. 80 in baltimore. culpeper, virginia, 88.
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they've been the warm spot. the southwest win here. some down sloping with the frontal boundary now movin right through our area. look at salisbury. only 75 degrees. that 75 still feels nice. tonight, 70 by 9:00. 68 by11:00. 61 degrees by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we're looking at plenty of sunshine with a temperature around 62 around 7:00. we see not a lot of cloud cover except for a few clouds and some thunderstorm toward new york and northern new jersey. the front at boundary will make its way through tomorrow. expect nice weather with that frontal boundary. it won't change a lot. high pressure will start to inch down. it will be a little bit cooler during the day. i think we're going to make our way to the low to middle 80s across the region. that area of high pressure lingering right through the day on wednesday as well. now let's take a look at major hurricane igor.
6:23 pm
winds of 150 miles an hour with this storm. very close to a category 5 storm. right now, well down to the south and west. look at this. making its way right up toward bermuda or at least very close. the category 3 storm is expect to lose intensity oh the next 24 hours. but this is a big storm. let's take a look at a vange poi from the international space station. this was a fairly small hurricane but it continues to increase in both size and intensity as well. the eye, you can see it in the middle portion of the screen. very well defined. another view from space. this is our satellite view. a tropical imagery. what this shows you is the area of cloud tops that are the colder cloud top. and tse are the reds here. the more red, the cder the cloud tops, that mean the stronger the storm. look at the eye of this. a perfectly defined eye center have circulation. that continues to move off toward the west. we'll be watching that one close. however, i do not expect it to affect the mainland it will
6:24 pm
affect. dry 70 to 78 degrees for this evening. it will be a nice one. looking good as you send the kids off back to skoofl comfortable. 53 to 61 degrees. and as we move through the week, temperature a little cooler than they were today but still vy nice. 78 to 82 degrees. a little breezy at time. the winds out of the north to northwest at 20 miles an hour over the next few days. a high of on your wednesday. then we hav another front coming through late thursday. maybe a chance of a shower. mostf us will be on the dry side. high around 82 degrees. 78 on friday. that 30% chance of showers will be most likely before the noon hour. this will be likely an overnight eve thursday nig into friday. so both thursday and friday should be okay. >> thank you. coming up, a cop shot a dog. a metro rider was trapped in a broken elevator.
6:25 pm
and president obama facing a major battle over the planned repeal of the bush era's tax cuts. >> rerter: this is chris gordon covering the executives' primary. because prince george's county is so heavily democratic, one of the 5 candidates in the primary is likely to win the job. i'll preview the race ahead. a victory monday for the redskins after a game-one win. we'll show you how the defense played this star of the game. and the redskins' next opponent, the houston texans, showing what the houston texans, showing what they can do aga yeah, but... what.. happened to the back there? well, here the thing: this was the only "sporty two-seater" they had on my budget.
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controversy is growing over what really happened moments beore a d.c. police officer shot and killed a dog at a festival this weekend. police described the dog as being aggressive when he about it two people in adams morgan. but the dog's oer said that's not true. >> the owner is speaking out. he is telling a very different story than what the police are saying about the moments leading
6:29 pm
up that gun fire. craig has our report. >> we're filing a complaint. >> reporter: mob afternoon aar block returned to 18th street northwest totalk about what's next. this was aaron block sunday afternoon just moments after a d.c. police officer had shot and killed his two-year-old dog. >> shot. aghast, i guess. i sat on the step for 30 minutes. >> reporter: block insists the shooting was unnecessary. he admits his dog had just bitten this poodle but maintains, he was getting parrot under control wh an officer step in. >> then had himon the ground and was subduing him when the canine officer came, pulled me off the dog. >> reporter: here's what an eyewness told news4 sunday about what happened next. >> one dog came loose and bit a man and he fell to the ground. the offer then put his hand on the dog's throat to try to restrain the dog. the dog spun around and bit the officer in his hand. >> reporter: block insists that's not how it happened at
6:30 pm
all. >>he dog tried to squirm free from this obviously painful position. he grabbed the dog. slipped hill downstairs on his back toempls came to the top of the airs. fired one shot. did not immediately kill my dog. they left him to bleed out at the boom of the stairs. >> reporter: several other people who say they saw what happened corroborated block's version of the story monday afternoon. while still distraught about what happened, raised another concern. >> not only did they shoot and kill my dog but they fired a bullet into a confined ncrete space with ten of thousands of people around. >> reporter: yesterday, mpd said that the shooting appeared to be justified. i ske to police chief this afternoon, she told me there backing off that a little bit. she said the investigation into precisely what that is-on going. the chief also a that had to this point last year, there had been 13 shootings involving officers and dogs. this year there have bee five. from northwest, news4.
6:31 pm
a woman traveling on amtrak's auto train died mysteriously. and investigators are trying to figure o what that. barbara was traveling with her husband from virginia to florida when she disappeared. her body was found last thursday near railroad tracks in rural georgia. investigators say she died from multiple injuries including a broken neck. but they have not determined whether her death was an know or whether foul play was involved. a d.c. area businessman is now at the center of an investigation. broward authorities found the bodies of samuel and his house in pompano beach last night. he was the ief executive officer of pci communications big a in the alexander re. a he also had a home in virginia. investigators say he was kill but they have't revealed any other details. he was 60 years old. northern virginia comters may haveit a snag if they took
6:32 pm
metro this mning. the elevator at five of arlington's ten metro stations were out of service. it is unclear what caused the outages and metro that it could be different issues at each station. at the courthouse station, a woman was trapped inside one of the elevators. she was not hurt. metro already made repairs at three of them but they will remain out at the rosslyn and pentagon stations until at least later this week. today metro was showing off some new projects. the transportation skt helped cut the ribbon on a future paint and body shop. the metro and unveiled new hybrid buses and metro access vehicles. and new bus garag in the work. and communications and emergency response system are being approved. metro receiveder in er in er in have created job locally and internationally. the department of elections
6:33 pm
tomorrow will have major impact on prince george's county. voter will decide who will replace county executive jack johnson who lead issing after eight years in office. five caidates are vying for the position in a heavily competitive race. chris gordon has our report. >> i am calling you personally to ask to your vote. >> reporter: a crowded field with five candidates, all seeking the no, ma'am face for prince george's county executive. each headquarters is getting the materials ready to send. the county sheriff knock on dues and spoke with voters in the final hours before primary day. >> i am a proven leader. i brought resources to prince george's county. i've provided leadership of an agency that was almost extinct when i walked in the door. >> reporter: jackson is considered one of two front-runner in the poll, i know what the former state delegate. >> this is a great opportunity
6:34 pm
for prince george's county. it really is. if you look at where we're standing right here in largo, the opportunity to build and bring commercial businesses to prince george's county and the experience that i have of doing that hands-on experience, working with our education system, it is an important election. >> reporter: the former election member said the race is competitive d he believes he is in the lead. businessman turner said voter want change and that's what he's promising. maryland delegate leviaid her election wouldbe historic if she is chosen the first female county executive. she says she has a ten-point plan to move the county forward. here in prince george's county as in neighboring washington, d.c., the democratic party enrollment is so large that the winner of the primary will be the next prince george's county executive and that means tomrow's vote will determine the future for these two massive
6:35 pm
neighboring communities. in landover, maryland. news4. voters in maryland 16th district will also go to the polls tomorrow. that area includes the bethesda, chevy chase, toll tome sections of montgomery county. there are 13 candidates running for this spot recently vacated. we'll have continuing coverage throughout the day tomorrow on news4 and on nbc coming up on this nuke, a gas station worker quickly beme a hear over after a driver slammed into a power pole. britain's chubbiest orangutan is on a diet. >> and a square tomato could be part of the you could swit for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand pple a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up.
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hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 state we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion more thato an independent aims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we findt and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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one of my favorite places is the georgetown waterfront. why? they both keep my kids occupied. beautiful down there. men of sunshine, a lot of tourists. getting ready to take a little tour. we'll sw you what's happening. we're pretty nice out. there 83 degrees. humidity at 40%. winds out of the south at 12 miles per hour. it isoing to be a great evening and a nice morning tomorrow morning as you wake up and send the kids off to school. 53 to 63 degrees. sunrise tomorrow, getting later and later. 6:43. wasn't rash, down toward fredericksburg,aint mary's, one of the warmer spots with that westerly wind around 84 degrees there. annapolis, maryland, around 79. frederick around 78 degrees. there' more great weather in the forecast. and yes, a chance of some rain if you missed it earlier. the four-day forecast and the extended forecast coming up in a few minus. >> thanks.
6:40 pm
tonight, two people were injured, are recovering, that is, from injuries they suffered en a truck hit a power pole in ohio. in this video you can see the truck as it runs into the pole. it caused a brilliant flh of light and then some sparks to fly. the video from security cameras are the gas station across the street. the worker carried a victim into the store. the iver of that truck was taken into custody by the police. no word on the condition of the victims. >> an ape at a zoo in the u.k. is getting a lot of attention because of her weight. this is o'sheen at a staggering 220 pounds. she is the fattest orangutann the u.k., possibly in the world. her morbid obesity is thanks to 13 years of a diet that has included burgers, fries, chips, marc er marshmallows and candy. that's how she was fed when she was being kept as a family pet in south africa. zooeeper in her new home have her on a l calorie diet and a
6:41 pm
strict exercise regimen. they say she is already dropping weight. in a few months, they hope she will be abl to attract a mate. the is a recent study throughout that finds most americans are not eatingnough fruits and vegetables. scientists in spain think they may have the solution now. pay attention to this. they're working on different combinations of textures and tastes to spice up fruits. they've come up with pears that ve the techture of melons but taste like mangos. they've come up with apples that have red insides. the company is behind the research believe that consumers are tired of the same old fruit. and they're looking to taste something different. not making this up. that's what they're saying. >> presumably square tomatoes were part of that plan.
6:42 pm
let's go out to lindsay at redskins park where they have to be celebrating or either that, exhausted go or both. >> reporter: celebrating, exhausted and scared. it is a victory out here monday with the win to dallas cowboys. also, we'll update out how albert haynesworth said he has been dealing with all ese distractns. and also, he thinks he has a game-winning touch. does he?
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
do you know what? brian orakpo put the hurt on that dallas line. he said he was scared to death that the ref wouldn't call it because he said that boy had been joking him the whole time. r i have to show you something this morning outtied door of my apartment. i found this cover of the "washington post." you see hi i was standing right beside this when tse guys were walking off the side line. i remember looking at them and i thought this is what you need to remember. ey were so elated. and right behind them was mike shanahan walking off, fit pumping. the fans were embracing them. this game, it means so many thing. what i experienced watching them was the fact that they have been working so hard together. they've all bought intohis same system together. they put in a lot of hard work. santana moss will me, they've
6:46 pm
becomeore of a family. instead of leing the park and going home, they get together. it shows that they're really on the right track. the star of the game, deangelo hall on defense. might not have been pretty but this sure was. mike shanahan getting his first taste of the rivalry. tony romo, stepped in the pock. deangelo hall strips the ball away. he fumbles, deangelo hall make the play. he returns at 32 yards for the touchdown. the redskins areble to go into the locker room with a 10-0 lead to deangelo hall. fast forward now to the end of the game. three seconds to go. third and ten. the cowboys trying to win it with a touchdown. the cowboys think they've would have been it but there is a flag on the play. mcnabb sees it.
6:47 pm
holding on the cowboys touchdown. the it doesn't count. the redskins win 13-7sxx after this game, shanahan says it wasn't pretty but you get the "w" anyway you go. >> you know that's the biggest thing i' been saying all week. even tonight. after the game. this is the coach shanahan football team. we're going to get the win. we will get the win. and a lot of people predicted these guys to be the cream of the crop. and predicting us to be the bottom of the barrel. so for to us come out here and show the world, we're about our business. we're about our business. we don't care what anybody else is doing. we're going to play four quarters of footballvery facet of the game. we're going to come out. >> i told our team from the first day as we started preseason, preseason games were important you have to find a way to win. when you get to the season, we're going to lose people. i want to see how people play.
6:48 pm
there's going to be game throughout the year where the offense plays well. the defense plays well. special team. the end of the day, there's only one thing that really matters. that's finding a way to win. if you win the national football league, enjoy it. it doesn' happen all the time. >> he said this is the first of a 16-round fight. that mean the second round comes up next weekend. against the houston texans which is arguably going to be even more of a difficult challenge, considering what they did to the colts. we'll show that you in minute. i want to take a second to go back to another size of the story. albert haynesworth. all the buzz, is he going to be traded? is h not? he addressed those rumors after the ga yesterday. he said basically, alluding to the fact he might be unhappy but the bottom line is that all those trade rumors are not a distract for haynesworth. peoplemight have got a different opinion watching that game because of what the network cameras caught on tape take. a look at the video from yesterday. and albert haynesworth played lesshan 20 plays on the field with the redskins. he had alluded to the fact he
6:49 pm
was unhappy after the game. some of the network cameras caught hill during the time there was a defensive huddle standing off to the side. but albert and coach said that they're feeling a lot more comfortable together. and albert said that he have y, he is out hear practicing. he is on the field. he is improving. coach shanahan sung his praises after the game. it wilbe interesting to see how much he can play after the texans. here's what he had to say. >> i played okay. i made a few tackles. >> are you happy with the way you were used tonight? >> the situation is wh it is. did i my job out there. >> albert haynesworth was also asked if he wantedto be traded and he said he could not answe that question because he was just a player. so stay tuned. there is still a big possibility that a move could be made. moing elsewhere in the nfl, as in, the redskins' next opponent. the houston texans, nobody would
6:50 pm
believe they would do what they accomplished yesteray against payton manning and the colts. i have to show you the field action. it was quite incredible. they have one guy thank for it. the redskins'ext opponent, the texas quarterback not missing a beat without kyle shanahan. first quarter, 6-0. he throws bac to kevin for the touchdown. 22 yards. texas defense. the third, in the third. texas leading 20-10. manning drops back to pass. third and 15. but mario williams, they meet at the quaerback. they stack manning knocking the colts out of feel goal range. fourth quarter, texas by 10. they rely on the rnning back area. this guy had a career day. he runs left thank you huge hole. 25 yards for the touchdown. he had 231 yards rushing on 33 carries. three touchdowns. they win 34-24.
6:51 pm
the lions' starter matthew stafford knocked out of the game. shawn hill trying to lead the comeback. lions down 5. he'll get pressure. calvin johnson who makes an unbelievable catch in the end zone for the apparent touchdown. the lions think they've won. wait a minute. take another look. johnson. it come down. he holds the ball with one hand. graces his fall. as he gets up, the ball comes out. as we watch it again, the rule states that you have to maintain control for the entire process of the catch. which by rule includes getting up with t ball. you can see it is touching the ground and as johnson gets up, he loses the ball. the play wasrevered. he is not very popular today in
6:52 pm
detroit. a controversial way for the bears to defe the lions, 14-14. the bears, lions, hey. we got redskins-cowboys. 13-sufficient winners over the dallas cowboys in wek one, guys. >> we're happy about the win. they really need to change that rule. that was so clearly in control that ball. that's bad ws. >> you know what? it doesn't make sense to me to be honest with you. >> but the win does. we like the win. yeah, hey. we'll take it. >> the win fix everything. >> thing are a heck of a lot more pleasant at the park. >> thanks. oming up, law school go head to head over ether to l ♪
6:53 pm
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president obama is your honoring congress to hike tax on the wealthiest americans and extend bush raer tax credits for
6:56 pm
just about everyone else but his plan is meeting opposition from his own party. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: to tryo save his plan to hike tax on the well off but leave the rate alone for everyone else, president obama pleaded his case in a backyard in fairfax, virginia. >> if we have a tax system that is fair and help the middle class, and it also attends to our long term deficit problems. >> reporter: but the president's political problems sat a few feet away. >> congressman gary conney. >> porter: he is a democrat but connelly opposes tax hikes now on anyone. virgin democratic senatorim webb and at least thre more senate democrats and independent democrat joe lieberman on foes obama plan. as the senate got back to work, that empowered republicans. >> that's why i'm introducing
6:57 pm
legislation today that ensure that's no onen this country will pay higher income t next year than they are right now. >> reporter: would taxing the well off help or hurt the recovery? >> the rich are a very large upside share of consumption. if they cut it back, that's a drag on the economy overall which is not wat we need. >> you go back to the rates that were in place when blunt was president. which i just want to remind everybody at that time, we had 22 million jobs created. much faer income. the economy was humming pretty. >> >> reporter: ahead lies what the president today called a wrestling match with republican. with no vote, rates rise over one. a game of chicken but the president and most of his democrats still belie that tax the rich is a slogan and a plan that will help them in november. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. >> withless than two months to go before the mid material elections, the president shoesing allies.
6:58 pm
a growing number of democrats in congress say they agree with republican lears. they say congress should pass a temporary extension of the tax cuts for everyone, including wealthier americans until the economy ill proves. a final check on the weather? >> it doesn't get much better than this. the good thing is we've had a great stretch of weather and it has been a lot like this outside. a lot of sunshine out there. high pressure has been in place. we did see some much needed rain yesterday. that was the good news. i don't think we're going to see much in the way of rain. tomorrow it will be gorgeous. 81 on wednesday. some clouds early wednesday. then mostly sun in the afternoon. and then only a slate chab of rain thursday and into friday. that rain would most likely come overnight thursday night. 82 degrees on ursday. talk about being in the right place, right time. prince george's county firefighter being hailed as a ro for saving two men from a fire. but it didn't happen under the circumstances one might expect.
6:59 pm
for one, he saved a man while he was off duty. heas at a party when he noticed some smoke coming from an apartment building. this a happened in wootock, virginia and he he usually responds to emergencies. it turn out the apartment's smoke detectors were not working but he got the man inside the place, out of there safely. in the meantime, his father-in-law helped him keep the fire from spreading. >> a good guy to invite to your party. >> that's our broadcast for now. nightly news up next. have a good evening. on our broadcast this monday ni
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